Join the Ferret Mailing List Buck-a-Month Club!

Your tax-deductible dues, as allowable by law, will go to help needy ferrets in shelters around the country.

All it takes to become a member is to send $1.00 every month to Support Our Shelters.
Yep, that's all.
Simple isn't it? So what are you waiting for? Oh, yeah, you need the address!

C/O Support Our Shelters
504 SW Halibut Ave
Port Saint Lucie, Florida   34953

or pay through Paypal:
Please include your name and indicate that you are giving to the Buck-A-Month Club.
(If using Paypal please send for the full year).

Please send all donations in US$. Friends outside the US can send money orders or use Paypal, which will convert their currenty for them if they select US$ as the currency to be sent.

If you wish to donate anonymously, that's fine....but why not include your name so you
have a chance at making the HONOR ROLL?

If you need reminding, you may e-mail Joanne Werstlein at
to receive an e-minder at the beginning of the month.

Would you like envelopes with S.O.S.'s address and your return address already on them?
You can email Joanne at or Angela at
(Thanks Angela for the wonderful offer)

Joanne Werstlein and Support Our Shelters would like to thank the following people for their donations!!

TOTAL RAISED FOR BaM 2017: $577.00
Total Funds Raised for 2016: $1,623.00

Our Current Buck-A-Month Club Members for 2017 is 26 Members: - would love for this to GROW! HINT HINT!

TOTAL FUNDS RAISED FOR 2017: $577.00 (Goal is $1000)
Our Current Buck-A-Month Club Members for 2017 is:

Bradley Long, Brenda Zupko, Cheryl Clark, Christy Ingram, Jenn Solberg, Jean Scheer, Joanne Werstlein, Kenneth Meyer, Laurie Schubert, Leslie Colton, Leslie Hill, Maren Qualls, Marilyn Ledoux, Marsha Stanek, Mary Jo Dullum, Millie Sanders, Mindy Harvey, Nancy Price Sanders, Patricia Saskin, Priscilla Gabrielle, Penny Potter, Richard White, Roberta McCanse, Roger Vaughn, Teagan DiVincenzo, Yoshi DiVincenzo.. ... If you don't see your name on here - PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

2002 Member Total:  127  Donation total:  $2811.50
2003 Member Total:  119  Donation total:  $2648.57
2004 Member Total:  107  Donation total:  $2453.25
2005 Totals not yet available
2006 Member Total:    49  Donation total:  $1488.00
2007 Member Total:    43  Donation total:  $1355.00
2008 Member Total:
2009 Member Total:
2010 Member Total:    27  Donation total:  $  743.00 as of May 31, 2010
2011 Member Total:                                   $ 1,823.50
2012 Member Total : 39
Total Funds Raised for 2012: $1,010.00 --- goal was $1900
2013 Member Total: 33
TOTAL FUNDS RAISED FOR 2013: $1,903 --- goal was $1,500 ---- WOW WE MET THIS GOAL! - THANK YOU EVERYONE!
TOTAL FUNDS RAISED FOR 2014: $1,913.00 - WOW! --- goal was $1,500; You are all amazing!

Buck-A-Month Club Members for 2014 was 41 Members
TOTAL FUNDS RAISED FOR 2015: $1,611.00 --- goal was $2,000, Member Total 31
TOTAL FUNDS RAISED FOR 2016: $1,623.00, Members total 27

(If we missed anyone, please email

Let's make this list grow every month.
Come on! Just one buck. That's all it takes.
We can make a difference without hurting our budget.

14 years ago is when it all started .. with such a simple suggestion... send Support our Shelter (SOS) $1.00 a month. One little dollar... that doesn't sound so bad... and when you think that $1.00 is still worth the same in this "club" as it was 15 years ago - that's pretty BIG news! We decided to call it... the Buck-A-Month Club. You didn't have to be rich to be in the "club". ANYONE could join the club... ferrets, kids, cats, dogs... shoot... even FISH... and whoever else could come up with a dollar a month!

In 2002 I wrote: 'Think of what that money would mean to all of the shelters out there. $1.00 a month won't break you. You wouldn't even know it was gone".  This STILL holds true. I have a certain amount that I do a billpay for and I don't even notice that it's gone each month...because what I send in is still less than what I could buy ONE lunch for!
We have several people that just pay for the whole year at once. $12.00...and we have several others who send in their money monthly as they get it. You can send in $1.00 at a time...or more!

You can use Paypal or Billpay from your bank and not have to think about it again...but of course, you can STILL donate more if you want!

Be sure you include your name for SOS Honor Roll! We also need your address so that we can mail you your membership card (see below for details). is the pretty cool part, we started to send out a BaM Membership Card to people paying their membership "dues' for 2009. We are continuing that!...not only do you get to help SOS help shelters around the world...but you get a cute card for doing it to show that you are a member of a Special Club.

If you would like to "join" please send a check or money order to: (make the check out to Support Our Shelters) and mail to the address above or pay through Paypal using the information above.
Please make sure to put your mailing address and name if using Paypal so I know who to send the card to.

Thank you for your Support!
Joanne Werstlein

This page was created for SOS and the love of fuzzies and dedicated to shelter ferrets everywhere.
Special thanks to Kity=^..^=Kat, Joanne, and Angela. Donated in Loving Memory of Stormy Bearden.